Saturday, March 8, 2008

Always Have A Muse

Always have someone near you who inspires you creatively. My muse is my wife Ilona:

I took this at W Hotel in Manhattan.

Cover and Splash Page

Here's the cover for the first issue. I'm learning about digital painting as I go along. I think for the next one I will start in Illustrator and finish in Photoshop, and keep it a little more transparent. It might look more like watercolor. I will consider starting with the base tone and removing color with the eraser tool. This one looks like oil. It also has more of a traditional look. I'll go a little more modern, less Pulp in the next one, though I like this and I like the logo in this color scheme.

This is in progress. It's the only splash page in the first issue. I will show the finished inking and then color. We have to cover too much ground in the first 22 pages or so to allow for more than one. Originally, I was not going to give Corvus a necklace or feathers on her wings, but Steve wanted her to appear more eccentric. I thought her eccentricities would be more apparent when she was "out of costume" but I'll go with Steve's instincts. He is slowly wrapping his proverbial fingers around the characters. He is developing thoughts about what each one will do or say, in addition to the main plot. Things like. "I'm gonna kick your aaasssss."

Or, "Look OOOUUTT!!"