Sunday, June 15, 2008

Iron Man Movie Review

I recently saw the Iron Man movie. I liked much of it but I thought they missed out on good performances by the entire cast. It could have been a much better film. It's the ending that really killed it for me.I love the transformation Stark goes through. I thought the writer and director were wise not to make Iron Man an anti-war movie, but more of a play it smarter war movie. I think it rightly points to the notion that even huge defense contractors with a staff full of geniuses can get too complacent in their strategy and find the easiest way to make a buck by building more destructive bombs. Some people felt the Stark International logo on the weapons was too much, but I thought it was appropriately comic-book like. I rarely think of superheroes in comics as Science Fiction. To me they are pure fantasy, and when fantasy is done right, it's fully embedded in the period in which it is created. For that reason, I didn't mind a company logo on every bomb in the film.
I thought it was great that they identified Muslim against Muslim violence, as well as American against American, Muslim against American, and American against Muslim. I also liked that none of the characters come across as having some better knowledge of exactly how to fight the war on terror. Everyone is searching for answers by the end of the movie.
You can see how the instincts of Robert Downey and Jeff Bridges can really make a film. They just have the right touch in every line. They are believable and compelling--except for Bridges at the very end, but I believe that's not his fault. His motivations changed. At first he wanted what was best for the corporation and maybe the country. By the end he just became a screaming, jealous murderer. I thought the script was patched together at the end.
Beautiful special effects. Beautiful closing credits. When I saw the trailer for Iron Man I said that it would be as big as Spider-Man. I think I'm right. We're looking at 3 movies at least.
I won't see Hulk. When I saw the cgi in the commercial I just hated it. I don't think there will be as many Hulk movies.