Sunday, December 30, 2007

A Little About Arthur

Who's Arthur?

Arthur is a young man (about 20) who, after facing death, begins to question the path his life has taken. He is a brilliant emerging scientist, channeled into solar energy science by his parents, who try to protect him from the memory of a tumultuous childhood with their all-encompassing guidance that has been constant for sixteen years. His scientific mind is questioning, but almost entirely empirical--until his friend Amira shows him the necessity of his emotions. While he trumpets the uses of nanotechnology in the laboratory, we learn that nanotechnology is killing him, and only Amira can save his life.

Here he is with a gel disc. Along with nanotechnology, we also get into smart materials in the book.

A few more sketches.

The key question for Arthur is whether he will heed Amira's guidance, discover his own path, and follow it.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

More Logo/Title Treatment Changes

I'll get to who Arthur is very soon. Just thought I'd mention that the logo/title treatment has once again gone through some changes, and they are visible as the header above. Sometimes you can't see something quite right if you've worked on it too much and you don't have a second pair of experienced eyes to give an honest opinion. I simplified this even more and I think this will be the final version.

Brother Steve suggested that I add even more detail to Corvus' costume, so that she appears even more eccentric and obsessive. I will work on this...